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Native American books written by South Carolina Indians 

A Concise Encyclopedia of the Choctaw Indians
Keith A. Pounds

A Concise Encyclopedia of the Choctaw Indiands: Past and Present

by Keith Pounds

The roots of his family are firmly embedded in Louisiana and Mississippi, having stemmed from families of the English, Choctaw and Chickasaw. The son of a Vietnam Veteran, of Confederate and Revolutionary War heroes, he returned from service in the U.S. Navy to work to educate others in the present day issues concerning American Indians. Although called an "activist" by some, he calls himself a student of Choctaw language and culture.

In 1998, Pounds co-founded Medicine Wheel Intertribal Society in southeastern Louisiana.  Today, the non-proft organization continues to educate others and correct inaccurate teachings of American Indian cultures, history, and heritage.

Pounds also began writing A Concise Encyclopedia of Choctaw Indians; Past and Present in 1998.  With four years of research and hard work invested, the book gives an in-depth look at Choctaw Indians and many aspects of other indigenous peoples of the southeastern United States.

Pounds currently resides in Orangeburg, South Carolina with his wife and children.  He remains active in Indian affairs and assists in maintaining public awareness and communication between South Carolina Indians through his online newsletter, Red Copy.

The People Speak
Will Moreau Goins, Ph.D.

The People Speak:  A Collection of Writings by SC
Native Americans in Poetry, Prose, Essays & Interviews.

Edited By: Will Moreau Goins, Ph.D.
Preface By: MariJo Moore


" these are the real voices of the real South.  More than thirty years ago I went to the South looking for Indians I'd heard were no longer there because they'd been removed by U.S. President Andrew Jackson and the KKK  But I found them because they were still there although some had been removed, and here they still are--as they will always be!- in THE PEOPLE SPEAK."
-----------------------------------------------------------Simon J. Ortiz, Author of Out There

"Vigorous. Communal. Visionary. The People Speak heralds a new era for literature and life in South Carolina. After decades of imposed silence, Native American Indians of all ages write from their hearts, affirm the strength of their cultures and o0d their own spirits. Readers have the opportunity to listen with open hearts, to accept differences, find commonalities---and respond. Mutual respect and care can create new harmony. This is the challenge - and the hope - of people, wherever they live."
-------------Marilou Akwiatka, Author of Selu: Seeking the Corn Mother's Wisdom

"Within the stories of Native peoples is the real truth of North American history and we should be locating it and offering a challenge to European oriented scholars. This collection of South Carolina Indian writings is a step in the right direction."
--------------------------------------------------------------------------Vine Deloria, Jr.
Standing Rock Sioux, Author of God is Red, Red Earth, White Lies, and Custer Died for Your Sins

This publication, is an informative and absorbing book that should be a welcome addition to everyone's bookshelf. It is a fascinating story and perspectives of Native people from throughout the state of
South Carolina. The South Carolina American Indian Writers Workshops, which were held throughout the state in various Indian communities during this past year, has brought a unique and overdue perspective to South Carolinians, written expressions of the Native people of South Carolina.

THE PEOPLE SPEAK: A Collection of Writings by
South Carolina Native Americans in Poetry, Prose, Essays & Interviews is just the culmination of a full year collecting, writing and engaging Native American Indian people and communities in the joy of expressing themselves in the written word. This is especially important for persons of Native American descent here in South Carolina, achieving something that had not quite been possible, namely telling their own story, and telling their own perspectives as they also build their own strength as individuals and as a people. This published collection of prose and poetry is written by people of South Carolina of Native American Indian descent and current residents of South Carolina with Native ancestry, will not only be a historical document but a unique opportunity for these ethnic people to express themselves and their experiences in written literary forms. The Writers Workshop was a project sponsored by The Eastern Cherokee, Southern Iroquois & United Tribes of South Carolina, Inc. in partnership with the South Carolina Humanities Council, a state program of the National Endowment for the Humanities. South Carolina Humanities Council helps to preserve the state's cultural heritage, fosters lifelong learning, and encourages civic involvement among South Carolinians.

The wonderful writings of these authors demonstrate the diversity that exists in the Native American Indian community here in
South Carolina. It also speaks to the voices, issues, concerns and unique heritage of the individuals.  Their visions, dreams and desires are shared in these few writings. This anthology is a great addition to all academic institutions in South Carolina and a good addition to schools everywhere. Featuring topics that are important to the Native people of South Carolina including: "Indian Mascots", Spirituality, Native and tribal folkways, Media's depictions of Native Americans, Tribal sovereignty, and expressions of how it feels to be a contemporary Native American from the "east of the Mississippi."

This is the first time that American Indian individuals in the state of
South Carolina have been collectively involved in the publication of a literary book of this nature. Furthermore, this will be the first collection of prose, essays, short stories and poetry allowing the Native American Indians of South Carolina to express themselves, in their own words, as individuals. The Native American Indian experience in South Carolina is the wealth of the people and experiences that are specifically and unique to South Carolina. This Anthology joins the small but growing corpus of Indian literary collections that have recently been published.  These are perspectives and words of modern day American Indians and their indigenous descendents that reside in South Carolina or are descendent of South Carolina Natives that continue to affiliate with their tribal community or Native American community here in South Carolina.

It is a must for anyone interested in South Carolina Native Americans,
South Carolina history, South Carolina culture, history of free persons of color, or southern history. The authors are just Native American Indian people from many different tribal backgrounds and cultures. From Children to Elders, you are able to get a glimpse of what it is to be of Native American Indian heritage and live in South Carolina as a contemporary person.

This book contains 144 pages, which includes preface, introduction, Native artwork, photographs, and many expressions of the various authors.

The Eastern Cherokee, Southern Iroquois and United Tribes of South Carolina, Inc.'s purpose is to promote a broader understanding of the Native American experience, issues and concerns throughout South Carolina and to encourage greater interaction and tolerance between people of all colors and cultures.

The Eastern Cherokee, Southern Iroquois & United Tribes of South Carolina, Inc. is a non-profit, tax exempt 501 (C) (3) charitable organization whose multifaceted programs are designed to inspire South Carolina's youth and adults and to preserve, document, and present South Carolina's important Native American history. ECSIUT is organized, also, to promote interest in scholarly research, to foster accurate documentation and inspire genealogical, biographical and historical research and heraldry surrounding the Cherokee and other Native American Indian tribes.

The People Speak Order Form

South Carolina Indians Today (Teacher's Guide)
Edited by William M. Goins, Ph.D

South Carolina Indians Today
A Teacher's Guide
"South Carolina Indians Today" is an Informative guide for anyone interested in South Carolina's Native American population. Researchers and casual readers will find this work helpful and interesting. Covering Paleo-Indian to contemporary aspects; Slavery of Indians in SC; Soverignty; Indians  and Education ;Teachers lesson plan; Biblography; and selected reading for young people. The volume offers one of the most intimate portraits of the first Carolinians.  

Unlike other efforts of  a similar nature, South Carolina Indians Today is authored by Indians and is sourced mostly by Indians
living in South Carolina.

More to come soon.