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Carolina Indian Heritage Association
Missing from the Circle
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A Public Service to American Indians and Families Searching for Loved Ones
A project of Lamar Associates
The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights has reported that Indians have the highest per capita homicide rates among the nation's racial groups.  Many Indian people have disappeared without a trace.  These cases grow cold in the absence of adequate investigative resources in Indian country.  In response to the growing issue, and to aid in the quest to reunite families, Lamar Associates launched the Missing from the Circle project.  Lamar Associates believes that Indian people will seek out to find and try to reclaim their missing, or find closure about them, from the same instincts that guided our struggle for the repatriation of human remains from museums and other agencies.
Knowing we are a people with beliefs about the spiritual journeys of our departed and our pride in properly caring for our people when they've gone on, Lamar Associates opens the door affording Indian Country an opportunity to aid in reuiniting loved ones with their missing family members.
Join us now in reuinting our people to the circle by clicking the "Missing from the Circle" link below.
*** WARNING ***
Some photographs of unidentified individuals are post-mortem in nature (picture of deceased person), disturbing and not suitable for children.

If you have information on the whereabouts or location of a missing or unidentified person, call the number to law enforcement listed with the information for the individual.
To volunteer your time to this project, contact Michelle Pounds at
This is a public service project provided by Lamar Associates.