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A Non-Profit Native American Organization Dedicated to South Carolina's American Indians

Welcome to the Carolina Indian Heritage Association web site.  We hope that you find our site informative and useful to you and your community. 
CIHA strives to work toward community improvement and revitalization through education, awareness, initiative, progress and training.  While we would like to improve each and every Indian community in South Carolina, we must first evaluate the foundation of problems we face that we feel need to be addressed or made known to others.  CIHA hopes that this site serves as a forum for South Carolina Indians to bring their problems, issues and concerns to view so that others will not feel excluded from society due to their ethnicity and/or religious belief(s).
We hope that you enjoy to our site.  If you have any questions/comments, or feel that we need to add or delete information on this site, please email us.

Mission Statement

- To aid and advise in genealogical research of South Carolina American Indians;
- Confront and correct inaccurate teachings of American Indian history, heritage, culture and/or religions;
-  Assist in the accurate display of South Carolina's American Indians and their
communities historically and in present day society;
-  Cooperate with with Federal, State, civic and community organizations and South Carolina  tribes in further development of American Indian welfare;
-  Aid in improving South Carolina's Indian communities;
-  Effectively represent the interests and concerns of Indian people in South Caroina in their effort to alleviate poverty and prejudice, and its related problems.

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Missing from the Circle

Please return often to find new information as it becomes available.

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John Fields
Circa 1850
S. Michelle Pounds
G-great Granddaughter of John Fields
Photographs MAY NOT be copied or reproduced. 

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