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We are the heirs of...... What? Who? From Where?

The Fields Family

The core of the WTPH Program is the Fields family.  Actually, CIHA was formed in order to bring the Fields family members together to be recognized and represented without being forced to enroll into any "tribe".  However, the organization soon expanded in order to serve all American Indians in South Carolina to serve in areas that are currently ignored.  The WTPH Program is designed to bring all South Carolina Indian researchers together to share information in an effort to preserve our history.  
We hope that you find our online WTPH information both helpful and useful.  We welcome any ideas you have to offer and encourage you to send your family information for inclusion. 

WTPH Program

Welcome to our Working Together Preserving History Program.  This program is designated to research American Indian ancestry in South Carolina and preserving any information and/or documentation that supports such evidence.  Below are a list of resources that you may find helpful in your research.

Our Location

We'll put our address and directions to our office here. We might also include a map.